How to UPLOAD on 1337x

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How to UPLOAD on 1337x

Hey there! Want to upload on 1337x? Here is a guide I made for how to upload on site and become an uploader. Your goal is to become a trusted uploader but first you have to go through a few steps before that can happen.

Let's start..


First of all you need to read through the 1337x uploader rules. Its important that you follow the rules to be able to upload. If you rush through reading the rules you are more likely to miss important information and not understand it properly, you would risk getting denied, demoted or banned. So read through the rules carefully the first time rather than getting into trouble afterwards!

Link: Uploader Rules & Guidance


After reading rules and instruction that is understood you will need to obtain trial-uploader status to start uploading. You will not get trusted uploader status right away. First you must prove that you are trustworthy as an uploader over time, stable and uploading according to the rules. Therefore, you must first get trial status.

Go to or click on UPLOAD as showen in picture below. Read "Upload News" 1) - 5) as showen below and provide as mutch information that is required.


After submitting the application, just be patient and wait for a moderator to go through your application. Check your notifications and your inbox after a while.


Most people get denied trial-uploader status at first. Check your inbox for pm's from staff. It is correct for you to log into 1337x chat room where you can ask staff directly for help and tell them aboute your situation.

Log in to chat room here:

Staff will help you as soon they see your message and are available.
NB! Do not whisper to staff.



Once you have agreed and clarified with staff, you will be promoted to trial-uploader status. To see that you have been given trial uploader status you can either log out and in chat to see your "username" in red color, or you can see a notification on your user account. It will look something like the picture below.



Congratulations! You have now permission to upload. So let's continue and do a upload. You will need to create a torrent file, thats the file that links to your uploading files you wanna share. If you are unfamiliar with how to create a torrent file, I recommend you have a look at a step-by-step guide on How to Create a Torrent or watch this video before continuing here.

On the site click on UPLOAD as shown in picture below or you can also click here: You will see the upload site a little different this time. You will now fill out everything on that page like torrent title, browse your torrent file, choose your media language, select correct category/type for your torrent. Lastly make a good and clear torrent description written in your own chosen form with minimum 1 visible screenshot (on movie uploads).


Now the torrent will be visible on the site immediately and be visible and accessible for others to download. Thanks for sharing and Good luck!

Below are some examples of well acceptable torrent descriptions look like: ... -GalaxyRG/ ... igole-QxR/

A little shout-out to blackjesus and allabout420 for support
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superb info bru
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